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Thursday, November 10th, 2016  
02:00 Welcome of Chairmen  
Session 1:  MENISCUS REPAIR – Moderation: Holsten, Scheffler
02:05 Concept of Anatomical Meniscus Refixation: medial & lateral Smigielski
02:20 Meniscal repair: inside-out /outside-in Höher
02:30 Meniscal repair with different all-inside devices Holsten
02:40 Live Surgery – Repair of Large Bucket Handle Tear Siebold
03:05 Meniscus root repairs Scheffler
03:15 Lateral discoid meniscus: repair or resection? Adachi
03:30 Live Surgery Video – Meniscus Allograft Transplantation Siebold
Coffee & Tea during Session
Session 2:  CARTILAGE TRANSPLANTATION – Moderation: Angele, Hinterwimmer
04:00 Different concepts of cartilage transplantation Niemeyer
04:10 Factors affecting success after ACT Hinterwimmer
04:20 Live Surgery – Arthroscopic cartilage transplantation Siebold
04:50 Arthroscopic second-look after cartilage repair Raoulis
05:00 Return to sports after ACT Niemeyer
05:10 Cartilage therapy with early OA Angele
05:20 Tibial valgus osteotomy with / without cartilage treatment? Hinterwimmer
05:30 Live Surgery – High tibial osteotomy & AMIC Siebold
06:20 Outcome of tibial valgus osteotomy vs. medial UNI Angele
06:30 Adjourn
Friday, November 11th, 2016  
Session 3.1:  ANTERIOR CRUCIATE LIGAMENT – Moderation: Höher, Kuroda
08:30 Live Preparation Video: Ribbon-like ACL reconstruction with hamstring Smigielski
08:45 Histology of the tibial & femoral ACL insertion Oka
09:00 Which ACL graft for which patient? Kuroda
09:10 Live Surgery – SB ACL reconstr with Patella T Siebold
10:00 Live Surgery Video – SB ACL reconstr with Quadriceps-Tendon Höher
10:15 Important aspects of ACL surgery with open physis Kuroda
10:30 Results of SB versus DB in kids & adolescents Takada
10:40 Coffee & Tea Break & Industrial Exhibition  
Session 3.2:  ANTERIOR CRUCIATE LIGAMENT – Moderation: Denti, Fauno
11:10 Live Surgery Video – Flat ACL Reconstruction with Semi T Smigielski
11:25 Concept & Live Surgery Video of ACL augmentation Adachi
11:40 Live Surgery – Double-Bundle ACL Reconstruction Siebold
12:15 Reasons for failure of ACL reconstruction Holsten
12:25 Tactics in ACL revision surgery Denti
12:45 Lunch Break & Industrial Exhibition  
Session 4:  PATELLOFEMORAL INSTABILITY – Moderation: Adachi, Lind
02:30 Concept & Live Surgery Video of posterolateral corner reconstr Lind
02:45 Concept & Live Surgery Video of posteromedial corner reconstr Fauno
03:00 Live Surgery – MPFL-Reconstruction with Quadriceps Siebold / Herbort
03:40 Diagnostics and decision making in patella instability Lind
04:00 Concept & Live Video of MPFL Reconstruction Fauno
04:20 Concept & Live Video of Tibial Tuberosity Transfer Scheffler
04:40 Discussion Siebold
05:00 Adjourn
Saturday, November 12th, 2016  
08:00 Welcome of Chairmen  
Session 5:  PATELLOFEMORAL ARTHROPLASTY – Moderation: Beier, Tibesku
08:15 Live Surgery – Patellofemoral Arthroplasty Becher
09:00 PFA: Why I prefer an Inlay-design Beier
09:15 PFA: Why I prefer an Onlay-design Tibesku
09:30 Special considerations in PFA – the dysplastic patellofemoral joint Keshmiri
09:45 Patella management Becher
10:00 Coffee & Tea Break & Industrial Exhibition
Session 6:  UNICOMPARTIMENTAL ARTHROPLASTY – Moderation: Catani, Rudert
10:30 Live Surgery – Medial unicompartimental replacement using robotic assisted navigation Gregori
11:15 Biomechanics in UKR – what is different to TKA? Catani
11:30 Sports after UKR – what is different to TKA Thermann
12:00 What makes a good result? – a patient specific implant! Rudert
12:15 – the help of a robot for implant positioning! Blyth
12:30 – not to do it and go for TKA! Callies
12:45 Lunch Break & Industrial Exhibition
Session 7.1:  TOTAL KNEE ARTHROPLASTY – Moderation: Meere, Perka
Best solution for a satisfied patient? VIDEO DEMONSTRATIONS
01:45 Vanguard XP TKA: Bicruciate retaining TKA? Tibesku
02:05 Journey BCS Bicruciate substituting TKA using Orthosensor tensioning device Meere
02:25 Attune TKA: Optimal design of a classic TKA prosthesis? Perka
02:45 ConforMIS iTotal: Patient specific TKA – matching the implant to the patient? Rudert
03:05 Visionaire: Patient specific TKA – matching the cutting blocks to the patient? Heyse
Coffee & Tea served during Session
Session 7.2:  TOTAL KNEE ARTHROPLASTY – Moderation: Thermann, Thorey
03:25 What is the best alignment? Kinematic vs. Constitutional alignment Calliess
03:40 Mechanical alignment improved by gapbalancing technique combined with patient-specific instrumentation Hommel
03:55 Complication management – the infected TKA Diagnostics and surgical management are the key for success Thorey
04:10 Antibiotics are the key for success Trampuz
04:25 Management of defect situations Thermann
05:00 Adjourn